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Full Privilege Golf Membership

Regular Members receive full and unrestricted use of the clubhouse and golf facility. They are also able to participate in the Men's and Ladies' Associations as well as vote or hold office (ie: Membership, Golf committee). Beach and Tennis Club Membership to nearby 4-Star Resort included with this membership. 

Full Privilege Junior Membership

This category is available to those up to age 55 or up to a 10 year maximum (whichever comes first).  Members have full golf and clubhouse privileges and may join the Ladies' and Men's golf associations.  Initiation Fee is waived until conversion to Full Privilege Member at age 55.  Dues can be paid on a monthly basis.  Beach and Tennis Club Membership to nearby 4-Star Resort included with this membership. 

New Casual Membership

Appropriate for those that may only be in town for a brief period of time. This category allows someone to play 45 rounds during the course of the year. The five year category affords the opportunity to pay the initiation towards becoming a Regular Member, over five years. The Member would still receive all clubhouse privileges. Beach and Tennis Club Membership to nearby 4-Star Resort included with this membership.


Welcome Trial Membership

For those individuals that would like to get to know Atlantis Golf Club, and discover the great people, great golf, and great social activities.    We offer a 30, 60, 90 or 120 day membership.  The days are to be used consecutively and will allow for full use of the clubhouse and unlimited golf. A credit towards initiation will be granted with conversion to Regular Membership.

New to Atlantis
One Year Welcome
One year available to Florida residents only
A One Year Welcome Member has the same privileges as a Full Privilege member. There will be no other dues or fees except for "usage fees" such as locker, bag storage, trail fee and the like. The Welcome member will be subject to a Food and Beverage minimum house charge in the same amount as that of the Full Privilege Member.

Social Membership

Member receives full enjoyment and usage of all dining, social amenities and events.  Members may play golf 6 times per year paying applicable guest fee rates.

For additional information on Membership please contact (561) 966-7600 or for email, click here.


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